Residential Real Estate

Advice at every stage: We offer comprehensive legal advice to residential developers at every stage of a development. We assist our clients in the acquisition of land, the development of the most optimal JV structure, the preparation of documentation, including prospectuses, model reservation and development agreements, we represent them before public administration authorities and provide legal advice (and more) on the entire construction and sales process for both individual and institutional clients (PRS) and on the resolution of any problems that may arise during the construction or sales process.

Security for your investment: DPPA is a guarantee of security. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to work out the legal solutions that best protect your interests, at every stage of your investment. The best solutions for your investment: We offer the best solutions for your investment and we do not limit ourselves to legal advice in this regard. Drawing on our experience with residential investments as well as transferring our extensive experience from other real estate sectors to the field of residential investments, we can help you develop out-of-the-box solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.