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DPPA Legal Grzonek Świdnicki sp. k. is an independent law firm specialising in legal services for entities in the commercial real estate sector. From the very beginning, we only deal with this one market segment. We do not try to be the best in everything, but to do everything best in one. That is why our clients are primarily the largest funds, developers, other companies offering logistics and office space, as well as residential space throughout Poland, as well as the largest hotel investors.

It was with such clients in mind that the DPPA team has been formed from the very beginning. Today, we have 17 lawyers in the firm, which is more than in most real estate departments of international law firms, but the size of our team is determined not by quantity but by quality, which we achieve thanks to our vast experience and skills. Our lawyers have worked in real estate departments of top law firms, legal departments of major property development and logistics companies or in well-known real estate funds.

The many years of experience of each of us and the close contact we have with each of our clients means that, after years of being in the market, we have managed to develop a new quality, not only in terms of the substantive value of the legal services we provide, but also in terms of our ability to build a long-term and open relationship with our clients. This is because our advice is never limited to legal issues alone – we are happy to share all of our commercial experience with our clients and, in addition, each client is supported by a dedicated senior lawyer who, as a key adviser, supports them with their pragmatic experience on a day-to-day basis. This allows us to provide our clients with complete comfort.

This approach to client service not only sets us apart in the market, but also prepares us for the legal services market of the future.

With this approach, we have also been able to find our place in the real estate services market and have successfully developed a range of services for major players. Although the majority of our current involvement is in commercial property leasing and greenfield transactions, the wide range of our work mentioned below demonstrates our ability to provide legal and business support for all types of real estate projects. We offer comprehensive legal advice relating to the entire lifecycle of a property, from due diligence and acquisition through to development and leasing and the exit process. We manage a number of development projects for our clients in the warehouse property market. On a day-to-day basis, we provide leasing and asset management support for a portfolio of office, warehouse and retail properties (our office portfolio alone exceeds 50 buildings owned or managed by major international investment funds). We also provide services to residential developers, supporting them both in the process of land acquisition, development and flat sales.

What else do we do?

  • We carry out administrative proceedings preceding all property management activities from acquisition through the construction process;
  • We conduct litigation and arbitration, negotiate settlements in all types of real estate disputes;
  • We carry out restructuring processes, including the liquidation of special purpose vehicles involved in real estate projects.

54 Koszykowa Street
00-675 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: (+48) 22 378-17 00