Hotel investments are some of our favourite transactions, as they require a particular knowledge of the hotel business and a careful analysis of the many factors that have a subsequent impact on the financial benefits of these investments. It is a difficult process, the completion of which is all the more satisfying for us. Unfortunately, after a phase of very dynamic development of Poland as both a tourist and business destination, we are seeing a slowdown in the hotel market. Despite the slowdown, we do not give up and support our clients in better and worse times. This is evidenced above all by the trust our clients place in us and the fact that they have been working with us uninterruptedly for many years.

It all really began back in 2011, when we supported one of Poland’s largest property developers on a project to build seven hotels operating under the brands of a well-known hotel chain. We prepared and negotiated the entire package of agreements arranging relations connected with the operation of a hotel: the master agreement, the franchise agreement and the lease agreement. Since then, we have co-created dozens of similar projects in this respect – not only in Poland, but also abroad. We have prepared numerous legal opinions preceded by thorough analyses on a number of issues related to the operation of hotels. We have also had the opportunity to advise one of the largest hotel chains by negotiating and leading to the signing of a lease agreement and a hotel facilities management agreement. We have also represented a number of clients in matters relating to the operation of hotel chains, particularly in agreeing the rights and obligations of hotel operators. We have also been successful in preventing many disputes at the court stage and in bringing about settlements, and in cases where this was not possible we have also successfully litigated and won.