Leases and Ongoing Property Management

Our clients can count on our full support at every stage and in every aspect of real estate project management. We advise on drafting and negotiating the terms of lease, tenancy, lending, easement and use agreements, collaterals on real estate, as well as agreements relating to: infrastructure, property management or hotel management and franchise agreements, as well as real estate agency agreements, and agreements between co-owners of real estate relating to management and use, including quoad usum.

We advise on matters relating to, among other things:

  • lease, tenancy and lending agreements;
  • agreements concerning rights in rem (easements and usufruct);
  • collaterals on real estate;
  • infrastructure contracts (including with public entities);
  • property management contracts;
  • franchise/management agreements relating to hotel properties;
  • real estate agency contracts;
  • agreements of co-owners of real estate concerning their management and use, including quoad usum.