Challenges and the desire to grow –
that’s our fuel

When we left our glittering careers at the world’s largest law firm in 2011 and started our own business under the DPPA brand, in our wildest dreams we never expected to grow so much. We obviously had the drive, ambition, growth plans and dreams, but at the same time zero experience in building our own business. We remember setting up our first office in an old tenement house on Poznańska Street, in a building adjacent to the Polonia Hotel, in flat number 5 on the second floor. We remember the first purchases of office supplies, the server in the old closet in the hallway that had to be constantly restarted, the characteristic smell in the stairwell and the noises coming from the inner courtyard.

We both grew and matured together with DPPA. Even if the decision to leave the corporation was a bit crazy, not fully thought out and calculated, and for many of our colleagues (not only our bosses) completely unwise, we have never regretted it. What is more, we feel that we have started a certain trend that continues to this day. Never and nowhere have we learned more than in DPPA. And it is not about law-related knowledge, experience or legal skills. We have learned how to lead, how to sell, how to teach others, how to listen, how to talk, how to collaborate, how to create.

Of course, this development, this learning, this maturing would not have happened without you. Without the understanding and loyal clients, our friends and good angels who have trusted us and are with us despite the constant temptations from “branded” law firms. Without our great associates who support us wonderfully in difficult moments and give us reasons to be proud. It is thanks to you that we still have all the energy, it is thanks to you that we still have an appetite for more and it is thanks to you that we will continue to grow – for you.