Time for Poznań! New tenant - Allegro

Time for Poznań!  

Another crucial transaction supported by DPPA legal team, which brought a lot of excitement! 

Once again we were given an opportunity to support our client Skanska in a huge project ranking second with regard to size of leased office space on the office space market in Poland. Lease of 26,000 square meters space consisting in 10 storeys and additional 177 parking spaces is not only a huge success of our client, but also a next milestone in the lessee’s (Allegro.pl) development.
Thanks to this transaction Allegro will guarantee its employees a modern and comfortable workspace inspiring growth and creativity, with enough space for new employees to join Allegro’s team.  

The transaction was supported by Anna Kopytowska and Marcin Świdnicki from DPPA legal team.  
Congratulations to both parties! Keep up the good work!  

More information at: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6757327797716365312/