Hotel Real Properties

  • advice to one of the biggest Polish developers at the project of construction of seven hotel units in the condo system, operating under brands of an international hotel network, covering in particular:
    • negotiating of a master cooperation agreement;
    • drafting and negotiating of a franchise agreement template;
    • drafting of a tenancy agreement template;
    • analysis and providing of an opinion on a number of legal issues connected with the functioning of hotel units;[V1] 
  • advice to one of the Poland’s biggest groups of companies rendering specilised hotel and conference services as well as those connected with hotel unit management, as well as lease of office space covering drafting and negotiating of tenancy agreements and hotel management agreements;
  • advice to an investor at negotiating of a management agreement and related agreements with one of the biggest hotel networks in the world;
  • drafting of a tenancy agreement template and a sale agreement template in respect of apartments in the condo-hotel unit;representing of the hotel property owner in matters connected with its operation, in particular at agreements with the hotel operator, including “crisis” advice.