Real Estate Law

Real estate law is our basic area of practice. Within its scope several different areas of law can be identified. In our practice we skilfully combine them, thus providing a comprehensive legal service to our Clients. We believe that only such service poses business value. We advise our Clients among others on the following aspects of their business activity:

Ongoing real properties management

We support our Clients in the ongoing management and operation of commercial real properties. We advise on:

  • lease, tenancy, lending for use agreements
  • agreements concerning property rights (easements and usufruct)
  • collaterals on real properties
  • agreements concerning infrastructure
  • real property management agreements
  • franchise agreements concerning hotel properties
  • real estate trading agency agreements
  • agreements of real properties’ co-owners in respect of their management and use, among others quoad usum division.

Real Property Acquisition and Disposal

We provide comprehensive advice in respect of disposal and acquisition of land, building and premises properties, undeveloped and developed ones (commercial real properties – office, retail, logistics and hotel properties). We carry out asset and share deal transactions, forward purchase, forward funding as well as sale and lease back transactions.

We actively support our Clients at each stage of the investment process:

  • letters of intent
  • due diligence
  • purchase agreements (preliminary and final)
  • other agreements accompanying the transaction

Legal Analysis

We examine the legal condition of real properties, both for buyers and sellers, as well as for the purposes of financing of broadly understood real estate investments.