Łukasz Sęk

Łukasz Sęk is a qualified legal advisor and a senior associate at DPPA Legal. His main areas of specialty cover civil law, including real estate law. Łukasz Sęk provides legal services in respect of purchase, development, and commercialisation of real properties, preparation of the construction process, proceedings necessary to obtain permits that are required in the course of the construction process as well as legal due diligence of real properties. He also provides legal services with regard to real properties operation and management.
Before the commencement of the cooperation with DPPA Legal Łukasz Sęk cooperated with international law firms for many years, among others with Miller, Canfield, W. Babicki, A. Chełchowski i Wspólnicy sp. k.
Łukasz Sęk is a graduate of the Warsaw University. 2013 he obtained the tittle of a qualified legal advisor. Łukasz Sęk provides legal services in Polish and English.

T: +48 22 378 17 07
E: lsek@dppa.eu